So the gang at Fester's Funhouse has some big news to announce.....

This November we will be setting up a series of Pop-up stores at a few BURY THE HATCHET locations!!

That's right.... The craziness you would normally only find at Comic Book and Horror Conventions will be available to the Public for a limited time!
We will have our normal selection of Knives, Swords and Axes.....
But we are dialing this up to 11 so you know we will also have some additional RIDICULOUSLY COOL stuff with us as well....
On October 29th and 30th you will be able to find us at 
On November 5th and 6th you will be able to find us at
On November 12th and 13th you will be able to see us at
On November 19th and 20th will be bringing the crazy to
And on November 26th and 27th we are headed up north to
So come on down and throw some axes with us!!
#BTH #burythehatchet #festersfunhouse